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Mobile power polymer batteries more secure than 18650 batteries

22 Aug 2017 - Aluminium Alloy Ultra Thin Solar Power Bank,USB Power Bank,Promotional gifts Power Bank
   18650 batteries with polymer batteries, I believe many people have heard of it: 18650 batteries, risk of explosion and polymer batteries for the worst is on fire, do not explode, polymer batteries 18650 batteries more secure. In fact, theoretically Yes, but the reality is not so. 18650 batteries used steel packaging, not easily deformed, after a long development process is very mature. International companies such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung produced 18650 batteries, discharge performance, battery life smoothly and achieve security through excellent design, probability of explosion is very low. Polymer batteries while theoretically more secure, but because an internal lithium-ion battery paste and external plastic film packaging, the texture is soft and easy to distort, not collision resistant, technical difficulty and high requirements on the manufacturer's production.