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Congratulations!Toptai gained ISO Certificates again.

June 19,2021 -

The Professional Power Bank Manufacturer & USB Flash Drive Manufacturer Shenzhen Toptai Technology Co., Ltd. Gained ISO Certificates Again On 6th May, 2015.

Any organization needs to manage.When management is related to the quality, for quality management.Quality management is the coordination of activities organized by the command and control in terms of quality, usually including the quality policy, objectives and quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement activities.Achieve quality management policy, an effective quality management activities, it is necessary to establish the corresponding management system, this system is called the quality management system.

ISO Certificate
Refers to the enterprise internal set up, in order to guarantee the quality of products or necessary for quality objectives, quality activities of the system.It chooses to combine several system elements based on the characteristics of enterprises, strengthen from the design development, production, inspection, sales, use the whole process of quality replica rolex management activities, and to the institutionalization, standardization, as enterprise internal quality worker "program requirements and activities.

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