E-Commerce Solutions

Toptai has 16 Years of experience servicing millions of clients and offering practical solutions for them and achieving growth. TOPTAI customers are among the world’s top 500 companies, including well-known electrical appliance companies, brand owners, e-commerce sellers, advertising planning companies, gift providers, etc. No matter the size of the customer, our team starts by understanding the needs and aims at solving them. Open innovation and win-win cooperation are our values and code of conduct.

Among all customers, e-commerce customers and equipment manufacturers account for 90%.  They also have different requirements for factories and products.

Amazon/eBay/Walmart/Wish/Joom/Dafiti/Extra/Linio/Mercado Libre and other online store customers, platform sellers, and social media platform sellers such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc., have strict product requirements.

Targeted Customer Services and Support:

For these styles of clients, we offer the following services and support:

  1. Choose products advice:
    Toptai is the source factory of Batteries and power Supplies / Chargers and adapters, We know the shipment of each such product and the competition of each platform. If only clients tell us his sell platform we will offer to choose products suggestion.
    Battery chargers and power bank category source factory suggestions come from the perspective of the overall market capacity and competition, so it is very valuable.
  2. Real Samples, photos, and video
    Toptai offers a real sample for testing or Performance evaluation for online store clients. Besides we offer product specifications, photos, and videos for clients to upload the link.
    Sample evaluation not only checks product performance, but also in-use experience, its weight, and package way. We suggest seller first use products and start to upload product info. in your store.
  3. Market protection, authorization, and Necessary documentation
    Patents and licensing are very important for a stable e-commerce seller. toptai products will offer Sales authorization and Mandatory documents. such as the power bank we offer UL2056 safety test reports,ce,emc, fcc, and rohs documents, and for wireless chargers we offer ce-emc, health test reports,rohs, and fcc certification.

Empowering Your Business Growth

Clients not only get good price products from toptai , also can get our more valvuableservice and support, and these service and support is very important for a new business or expand category seller.

Equipment customers have more strict requirements for products and factories. Products must pass environmental tests, battery life tests, charge and discharge cycle tests, and high temperature and low temperature environment tests, The factory must have charging control circuit design, waterproof and dustproof technology, and technical support and upgrade ability.

Toptai team will offer solutions from the perspective of device adaptation/power adaptation/use environment.


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