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I only have online stores. Can I be a distributor?2023-04-10T19:53:05-08:00

Yes. We accept online store distributors. If you like, we can hang your store on our retail website, in this way get our products in your region retails clients.

We are advertisers, and that kind of cooperation works for us?2023-04-10T19:51:49-08:00

In order cooperation way.

We customized our own brand, which cooperation way is better? We need to be supported by long-term and continuous new products supply?2023-04-10T19:50:42-08:00

Products distributors are good options for long time cooperation clients.

How long is the cooperation period of the distributor?2023-04-10T19:49:07-08:00

Usually distributor cooperation period is 1years. Within 1years, clients business increased 20%, next year go on keep distributors relations. If business increase less than 20%, clients choose stop or go on. If there is no purchase for more than 3months, the distribution authority will be automatically cancelled.

Can I only distribute one products?2023-04-10T19:48:07-08:00

No. Distributors usually start from one of our products then gradually add other items.
Distributors are a deep partnership, it isn’t just a buyer-seller relationship for a products. Become our distributors customers will get the lowest price on all of our products, not just one.


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