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TOPTAI customized service for brand or gift clients, designed to help clients increase brand awareness and strengthen brand position in clients mind.  A marked your brand name products in clients life is good show and remind. Nobody can forget the brand that is always present in his travel, at his home and office,especially these marked brand products take better experience for them.  Contact us now start your brand.


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Custom Brand

Toptai offers a range of processes for custom brand chargers, power banks, and mobile phone accessories. These include silk screen printing, laser engraving, pad printing, digital printing, and water transfer printing. These processes can be applied to different materials based on specific customization requests. Our team recommends the most suitable printing process based on the customer’s customization goals and the selected products.

Custom Brand

Please find below the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and delivery time for each printing process:

Silk PrintingLaser EngraveDigital PrintingPad PrintingWater Transfer Printing
MOQ.100 pcs100 pcs100 pcs500 pcs1000 pcs
Lead Time3-5 Days1-3 Days1-3 Days3-5 Days3-9 Days
Custom Brand Package

Custom Package

TOPTAI products come in the standard retail package and mass production package list and Toptai provide knife mold drawing of products for our custom customers.
TOPTAI customized team optimized the process and craft of custom packaging, customized package mini order has been reduced from 3000 down to 500 pieces, and the most important thing is that the cost of custom packaging has been greatly reduced. In TOPTAI Clients will customized their products in cheapest cost.

Customized Design/Pantone

Customers propose their design requirements, and we provide 3 different solution according to the customers’ customized goals including customized cost. We offer abs material, Metal aluminum alloy, pvc material, leather PU etc. different materials customized service. Different material customization mini order qty. and mould time conference data as below:

Customized Design Pantone
WoodenPu leatherpvcAluminumABS
MOQ.500 pcs500 pcs500 pcs1000-3000 pcs3000-5000 pcs
Mould Time3-5 Days3-5 Days3-5 Days5-9 Days20-30 Days

Customized Functions

Toptai provide new design and function customization services to professional customers in electronic products yield. This is an advanced customization service that requires the cooperation of engineers in appearance, structure and engineering. Toptai customization team offer professional customization solutions.

Custom Process


TOPTAI customizaed team simply customized process, Clients only need to 3items: Set Goals, Choose Plan and Check Samples.


Toptai factory offer 3 solution for clients customized project and offer its cost and delivery time for clients choose.


TOPTAI factory customized team offer layout within 24h and 1-3days prepare well samples.


Toptai logistics Department arrange shipping based on clients schedule and choose the best shipping way, saving shipping cost and clearance customs services.

Custom Process

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“I’m so grateful to have found Toptai for all of my customized product needs. Their team is always willing to work with me to create something truly special, and the end result always exceeds my expectations.”

Edward Kinsjer

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