Power Your Devices with TOPTAI’s Versatile External Battery Chargers

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

External battery supply for lights: LED lanterns and string lights for outdoor gatherings, Emergency lights used during a power failure or natural disasters, an enchanting touch to special events or String lights, fairy lights, or LED strips, etc. Decorative Lighting also needs a battery pack to offer an external battery charger.

TOPTAi team first understands the use environment of the lamp, the power and frequency of use, and then gives a solution. Our solutions include: available model options and their cost, Charging frequency(how many days charge power bank), Notes for use and maintenance.

Battery Packs for Bags and Clothing

External battery for bag or clothes: Power banks are used in backpacks or clothing, with the most important temperature control design and circuit safety.

The normal working temperature of the power bank is 0-45 ‘c, put in the backpack or clothes, the working temperature of the charger in the sealed environment still can not exceed 45’ c, which has very high requirements for the circuit design and temperature control of the product; in addition, the circuit design should be absolutely safe without short circuit; the charging interface should have certain toughness, and the product should resist the impact of shock.

Powering Outdoor Gear

External battery chargers for outdoor gear: Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers rely on various gear that may require portable battery chargers.

Such as GPS devices, action cameras, headlamps, camping lanterns, and portable fans. small size, easy carry, and convenient charger power bank are necessary for these devices.

Having a portable battery charger ensures these devices remain powered during outdoor activities and extended trips. For outdoor gear, we offer Anti-fall, easy carry, and portable charging battery packs.

Backup Power for Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Solutions: TOPTAI offers portable battery packs for smart locks, security cameras, doorbells, and smart thermostats, ensuring continuous operation during power outages or Wi-Fi disruptions.
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