1. First to confirm whether it is short circuit and burned down, don’t use the method of recharge it, also can’t use it to charge mobile phone method, but rather to eyes, nose to smell, to see whether smoking inside, or appearance whether deformation because of the high temperature, nose to smell of burning, if there is any of these phenomena, charging treasure is burnt out, don’t use it;

2. If not the above phenomenon, charging treasure may not burn out, put it in ventilated dry place, such as balcony, let it slowly air-dried (about two or three days), or with low thermal profile of hair dryer blowing charging treasure charging and discharging mouth mouth, then put in the balcony to let it continue to them (about 1 day).

3. Finally, to find a not important phone, tried to charge their phone, if you can charge mobile phone let it charge, until all the inside of the electric put out, and then recharge charging treasure, but started to pay attention to safety, if you have bad taste is quickly unplug charge, cut off power supply, continue on the balcony in order.