It is not necessary to become our distributor. Ordinary order-based partnerships are also possible. But if you have confirmed that our quality is very good, and our products meet your market, After become our distributors you can get the lowest price, stable supply, and free customer resources (allocated by the factory) and new products free of charge, max 2years warranty.

Compare the interests of ordinary customers and distributors:

Ordinary customersDistributors
PriceAlibaba web priceCheapest price
Cheapest priceCheapest pricefree
Customers recourcesNoFactory allocate my region new customers
Warranty6 monthesMax 2 years

Based on a single order of 2,000, becoming a distributor can save at least 300-500 USD/order, and the turnover rate of goods will increase at least 15% because many new customers allocated by the toptai.