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Mini Power Bank 3300mAh charge different mobile phone how many times?2023-04-10T02:01:06-08:00
MobileMobile Battery CapacityIn theory charge timeReal Charge Time
Iphone 81821 mAh3300*3.7/5/1821=1.341.2times
Iphone x2716 mAh3300*3.7/5/2716=0.8980% power, work more
Iphone 122815mAh3300*3.7/5/2815=0.8680% power, work more
Samsung S93000mAh3300*3.7/5/3000=0.8170% power, work more
VR3600mAh3300*3.7/5/3600=0.6760% power, work more
Why when I get it only charge 5-10mintues, then no battery.2023-04-10T02:11:11-08:00

For air transport safety, all power bank only save 20-30% power before leave factory. So when you first time use it, pls first charge full power then you can enjoy free cable portable charging.

Why power bank 10000mAh can not output 10000mAh?2023-04-10T02:14:21-08:00

Battery is 3.7V need update to 5V for mobile phone use, the charge also has some power lose. So the tranfer rate about 60%, 10000X60%=6000mAh, 6000/3800(mobile phone battery capacity)=about 1.6 times

PD power bank charger speed2023-04-10T02:16:17-08:00

With PD technology, if you only have 10 minutes to charge, you can get up to 20% battery life. If you have 30 minutes, you can get up to 50%!

Tips: You mobile phone and charger cable need support the PD technology.

Can you tell this what voltage and amperage you want, or is it auto sensing?2023-04-10T17:38:21-08:00

It automatically sets the voltage and current.

Any protections?2023-04-10T17:47:39-08:00

Has over charger, over discharger, over voltage, over current productions.

What the warranty?2023-04-10T17:57:36-08:00

One year warranty for Non-human damage

Warm tips2023-04-10T17:59:31-08:00

1.It is strictly prohibited to contact the metal parts of the product with coins or other conductive articles to avoid a short circuit;
2.The product must be placed beyond the reach of a child or pets;
3.Products can not be placed or used in a high temperature and humid environment ;This product can’t be used in the environment with temperature more than 40°C. Suggest the best working environment is 25 °C.
4.Do not place the product in fire, water or other too high temperature (> 45°C) and too low temperature (below-20°C) enviroment.
5. Product charge / discharge power consumption, so there will be a slight heating phenomenon, it is a normal phenomenon; Once charging/discharging temperature over 50℃, pls stop use it.
6.Do not expose power Bank to heat or fire. Avoid storage in direct sunlight. .
7. Do not store the power bank with oxidizing, acidic substances.
8.Do not storage Power Bank haphazardly in a box or drawer where they may short-circuit each other.
9.Please do not disassemble, repair or modify this product by yourself. We will not be responsible for any damage or other serious consequences caused by this. Please understand.

How much storage capacity does a USB flash drive have?2023-05-05T22:41:29-08:00

The storage capacity of U disk is generally 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, etc., and other capacities can also be customized.

How to choose the right wireless charger?2023-05-05T18:23:50-08:00

First you need see your mobile phone is it can support wireless chargers, Second you need see your mobile phone wireless charger speed.
The below part of different mobile phones wireless charging speed and model number to you reference.

Brand nameModel NoQI wireless
charge speed
Magsafe wireless charge speed
Iphone8 / 8 plus7.5W——
IphoneXS MAX7.5W——
Iphone11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max7.5W——
Iphone12 / 12 mini / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max7.5W15W
Iphone13 / 13 mini /
13 Pro / 13 Pro Max
Iphone14 / 14 Plus / 14 Pro /14 Pro Max7.5W15W
Brand nameModel NoQI wireless charge speed
SamsungGalaxy Note99W
SamsungGalaxy Note99W
SamsungGalaxy Note915W
SamsungGalaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra15W
SamsungGalaxy Note20/Note20 Ultra15W
SamsungGalaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra15W
Brand nameModel NoQI wireless
charge speed
HUAWEIMate 20 Pro15W
HUAWEIMate 30 Pro27W
HUAWEIMate 20X(5G)15W
Brand nameModel NoQI wireless
charge speed
MI9 Pro30W

Tips: If your mobile phone wireless charger is 7.5W, you can choose 10W wireless charger enough, If your mobile phone wireless charger is 15W, best choose 15W wireless charger, to get the best charger speed.

How to use the wireless charging?2023-05-05T21:42:17-08:00

First choose the suitable charge adapter, cable and wireless charger, 10W wireless charger use 10W-15W adapter and 2A cable, 15W wireless charger use 15W-20W adapter and 3A cable. Second plug in the adapter+cable+wireless charger, Final put your mobile phone on the middle of wireless charger, then will can charge the mobile phone.

What are the advantages of wireless charging?2023-05-05T22:31:13-08:00

Wireless charging has many advantages, such as no need to plug in the power cord, easy charging, not easy to drop, can prevent the power cord from being damaged, reduce charging time, etc.

Is wireless charging safe?2023-05-05T22:32:30-08:00

Yes, wireless charging is safe because the output current and voltage are controlled within a safe range and will not cause damage to the battery.

What is the compatibility of wireless charging?2023-05-05T22:34:01-08:00

The compatibility of wireless charging depends on the charging technology of the mobile phone. Generally speaking, if the mobile phone supports Qi, PMA or A4WP technology, wireless charging can be achieved.

What effects can wireless charging bring to mobile phones?2023-05-05T22:35:24-08:00

Wireless charging can make mobile phone charging faster, more convenient than wired charging, reduce charging time, save electricity, and make the mobile phone battery life longer.

What should be noted about wireless charging?2023-05-05T22:36:43-08:00

Precautions for wireless charging are:

1) Avoid placing the charger in a sunny place to avoid high temperature;

2) Avoid placing the wireless charger in a high humidity environment;

3) Avoid placing the wireless charger in a strong magnetic field environment;

4) Avoid using modified wireless chargers.

Will the radiation of wireless charging be harmful to the human body?2023-05-05T22:38:03-08:00

No, the wireless charging technology uses low power and low frequency electromagnetic waves, which will not cause any harm to the human body.

How many times can wireless charging be charged?2023-05-05T22:38:37-08:00

The number of wireless charging depends on the battery capacity of the mobile phone. Generally, wireless charging can support multiple charging.

Does wireless charging support simultaneous charging of multiple devices?2023-05-05T22:39:12-08:00

Generally, wireless charging does not support multiple devices charging at the same time, but there are also some products that support multiple devices charging at the same time. Like 2 in 1, 3 in1, 4 in 1 products.

What are the storage formats of a USB pen drive?2023-05-05T22:42:44-08:00

The storage format of U disk is generally FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, HFS +, etc.

What kind of interface does a USB sticks support?2023-05-05T22:43:59-08:00

USB sticks supports USB3.0 interface, USB2.0 interface, USB Type-C interface, micro-USB interface, Lighting interface, etc.

Does a USB flash drive have security encryption function?2023-05-05T22:44:40-08:00

U disk generally supports security encryption function, can set access password to protect data security.

Does a USB stick support high-speed transmission?2023-05-05T22:45:19-08:00

USB stick supports high-speed transmission, generally supports USB3.0 transmission speed.

Is the quality of a USB flash drive reliable?2023-05-05T22:46:41-08:00

The quality of USB flash drive is good, made of high-quality raw materials, strong impact resistance, durable and reliable.

How long is the life of a USB flash drive?2023-05-05T22:53:07-08:00

The service life of U disk is generally more than 5 years, and the service life will vary depending on the different usage environment.

What is the after-sales service of a USB flash drives?2023-05-05T22:58:22-08:00

The after-sales service of USB flash drives generally provides a one-year warranty period, and can enjoy free maintenance service during the warranty period.

Why is the capacity of a USB flash drive less than that displayed in the computer?2023-05-05T22:59:05-08:00

The display capacity of U disk in computer is less than the actual capacity, mainly because the system occupies part of the capacity, as well as the conversion of file system, and the conversion of U disk and computer units.

What is the Adapter input voltage range?2023-05-05T23:01:29-08:00

The input voltage range is 100V-240V.

What type of socket does the plug have?2023-05-05T23:06:28-08:00

We have one USBA port, or USBA + TypeC ports types.

What is the output current of the plug?2023-05-05T23:07:16-08:00

The output current of the plug from 1A to 5A can be choose.

What is the quality of the plug wire?2023-05-05T23:08:47-08:00

The wire quality of the plug is high-quality copper core wire that meets the standards

Is the plug certified?2023-05-05T23:09:30-08:00


Does the plug have protection function?2023-05-05T23:10:07-08:00

he plug has an automatic disconnection protection function

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