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USB Flash Drive Is Very Easy To Use

June 19,2021 -

USB flash drives are also often referred to as flash drives, USB drives, U disk.
USB flash drive is a universal serial bus USB interface without the need for physical drive micro-high-capacity mobile storage products, it uses the storage medium for flash memory media (Flash Memory). USB flash drive does not require additional drivers, the drive and storage media into one, USB Flash Drive as long as the computer connected to the USB interface can be stored independently read and write data. USB Flash Drive Can be used to store any format data files and exchange data easily between computers. USB flash drive is very small, very light weight, about 15 grams, especially suitable for carrying. USB flash drive without any mechanical devices, seismic performance is extremely strong. In addition, USB flash drive also has a moisture-proof, high temperature (-40 ° C ~ +70 ° C) and other characteristics, safety and reliability is very good. USB flash drive is very easy to use, any support for Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Mac OS and Universal Serial Bus (USB) computer, you can use the USB flash drive, the steps are as follows:
1) the USB flash drive into the computer\'s universal serial bus USB interface;
2) The system will automatically recognize and generate a removable disk (Windows 98 need to install the driver);
3) and then you can use the same as using a floppy disk or hard disk USB flash drive.
USB flash drive features
USB flash drives can be used to exchange data between computers. In terms of capacity, USB flash drive capacity from 16M to 2GB optional, breaking the floppy drive 1.44M limitations. USB Flash Drive From the read and write speed speaking, USB flash drive using USB interface, read and write speed greatly improved than the floppy disk. From the stability of speaking, USB flash drive does not have mechanical read and write devices, USB Flash Drive to avoid the mobile hard disk easy to bump, fall and other causes damage. Some models USB flash drive with encryption and other functions, so that users use more personalized. The USB flash drive is small and easy to carry.
USB flash drive is used directly on the computer, easy to use; and other Flash memory products (CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia Memory Card, Memory Stick, USB Flash Drive Secure Digital Card) need a drive can be connected to the computer.
USB flash drive advantages
1, can be hot-swappable. This allows users to use an external device, do not need to repeat the "shutdown à parallel port or serial cable connected à then boot" this action, but directly in the PC boot, you can plug the USB cable to use.
2, easy to carry. USB flash drive mostly "small, light, USB Flash Drive thin" known for the user, the same 20G hard drive, USB hard drive than the IDE hard drive to light the weight of half, want to carry a lot of data, of course, USB flash drive will be The first choice.
 3, the standard unified. Commonly used is the IDE interface hard drive, serial mouse keyboard, parallel printer scanner, but with USB, USB Flash Drive these application peripherals can all use the same standard and PC connection, then there is a USB hard drive, USB mouse , USB printer, etc.
4, can connect multiple devices.

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