Online Sellers

How to choose suppliers is the most concerning topic for all importers. Since 2019, the e-commerce business has developed rapidly, and now the business model is only divided into online and offline brick stores. For e-commerce sellers, choosing a good factory supplier is half the battle.

First, check if the factory is the source factory of these products. Some products can be produced in many factories, but not all are source factories. Only the source factory can guarantee your rights and interests and sustainable and stable profits. If you don’t buy from the source factory, you risk being removed or even blocking your account.
Second check if the factory has its own online store. Many factories have wide business modes: on one side they are wholesale, other side retail in Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Shopee, etc. online stores. If you work with this style factory, how do you win their own store? especially new online sellers. For further online sellers who are good at Internet sales, Choosing a factory without a retail business model is the best one. Factory needs your strong network sales ability to provide enough support for you; you need the stable and sustainable supply ability of the source factory.

Finally, and most importantly, to check if the factory has research and development and development capabilities. On the one hand, it depends on whether there is a research and development team (qualified), on the other hand, whether the finished product is a series (practical experience) and whether it can iterate and update.

Of course, very few suppliers meet these three conditions simultaneously. The priorities of these three conditions are different for sellers at different stages. See the following table for details.

online sellersource factoryfactory only wholesale no retailfactory R&D and develop new products ability
Experienced sellerfactory business modesource factoryfactory R&D and develop new products ability
Head online sellerfactory R&D and develop new products abilitysource factoryfactory business mode

If you have learned the above points, Congratulations, your business will start right now.


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