Safety and Healthy Training

Accidents often happen in both our personal and work lives, prompting Toptai to host a safety and health training on June 9th, 2015.

To enhance production safety administration, we firmly establish a “safety first, prevention first” approach, rooted in our long-term experience. It’s crucial to abide by relevant laws and regulations, prioritize safety in production, and improve our safety management system to protect productivity.

Thirdly, we emphasize the importance of publicity and education. Strict implementation of level 3 safety education ensures that all employees possess the necessary production safety knowledge and adhere to safe operating procedures. Safety training is key to improving worker quality and preventing “Three Violations.”

Furthermore, we’ve developed effective fire control measures in compliance with laws and regulations, ensuring orderly and proper fire safety implementation. Adequate fire equipment and regular inspections maintain a smooth safety workflow.

Safety remains the perpetual focus for our enterprise – “safety in production, production must be safe.” Our unwavering commitment to eliminating hidden dangers ensures long-term stability in production safety. Together, we safeguard the lives of our workers and the success of our organization.


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