The source factory not only has the capacity for mass production but also has the independent intellectual property rights of a certain product. The more private model products the factory has, the stronger the strength, the product is very competitive.

Everyone knows the fact that businesses must work with the factory, and the stronger the better. In the past, many people thought that the bigger the factory, the stronger the factory. Different products and good factory standards are different. For machinery and equipment, decorative building materials, and other large goods, the bigger the factory, the better. But for consumer electronics, the factory is not the scale, the most important is the soft power of the factory, that is, the product development ability and the number of private model products.

Besides many clients think finding a factory the important to find a good price. Good price is indeed an attribute of the source factory. But it isn’t the most important thing. The following three aspects are the most important values of the source factory:

1. The right to produce and sell legally. Legal is the most important thing.

Verify whether the factory is legal and compliant, First, check the business scope of the factory license, second check if they have import and export business licenses, and last check if the factory has gotten the product patent certificate.
The business scope of the factory business license is easily overlooked, many clients only check factory licenses but don’t care business scope. Product patents are very important for online sellers, especially important for Mature e-commerce sellers. Otherwise, your business will be interrupted at any time because of the infringement of a certain product.

2. Get market support from the source factory.

You not only get price support but also get product advertisement photos, videos, etc. free data from the source factory. Besides It is also possible to get exclusive sales rights in a certain market. In the past, exclusive sales rights needed to be purchased. Now, when we cooperate with some source factories, as long as you have sales channels and strength, you can get exclusive sales right for free.
Experienced buyers not only care about price but more care about long-term business chances or exclusive sales rights.

3. Product iteration and update capability.

The Electronics product’s market lifetime is 6-12 months, and new and fashion are its key features. So if your supplier factory doesn’t have R&D ability, no update in the product’s function and design, even if the cheapest price still has no future. Finding a new factory supplier who has the ability to update their product through innovations.
Some smart buyers looking for new suppliers only ask 3 questions:
1. What new products do you have( the last 6 months)?
2. Where do these products sell so well?
3. What are the series of products with this product?

In a word, if your factory supplier has over 10 private model products, keep good touch with them. This factory will be the source of growth in your business, as long as you follow the factory, you will always have stable and good products.


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