Toptai factory specializes in providing wholesale services for standard power banks, wireless chargers, and mobile USB flash drives.
We are dedicated to offering competitive prices, ensuring a reliable warranty, and providing a convenient one-stop customs clearance service.
If you are ready to start your business and have a local sales channel, contact us to take advantage of our exceptional offerings.


Competitive Wholesale Prices

TOPTAI’s factory prides itself on offering the best prices for our portable power banks, desktop wireless chargers, and mobile flash drives. This competitive pricing is made possible through our efficient semi-automatic mass production process and the fulfillment of over 1500 OEM customer orders. Consequently, we have successfully reduced our production costs, enabling us to provide unbeatable pricing to our valued customers.

With 16 years of experience in the industry and extensive mass production capabilities, we excel at providing affordable pricing without compromising quality. By leveraging these strengths, we guarantee that our customers receive high-quality products at exceptional prices. At TOPTAI, we remain committed to delivering outstanding value, underscoring our dedication to offering premium products at affordable prices.

In summary, our customers benefit from our industry expertise, advanced production techniques, and commitment to delivering superior value.

Assured Quality and Reliable Warranty

Worry-free after-sales service is crucial for wholesalers. Toptai ensures this by implementing three rounds of inspections before shipping and providing detailed graphic instructions for each product’s specifications. By following these instructions, wholesalers can achieve a product defect rate of less than 2%.

Moreover, Toptai collaborates closely with wholesalers for local sales, ensuring a seamless experience. We go the extra mile by offering 2% spare parts with every order, providing peace of mind. Additionally, within six months of purchase, we offer free changes or repairs, covering all shipping costs associated with defective products. Furthermore, for products in production, we provide an extensive warranty of up to 2 years, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.

One-Stop Customs Clearance Services

Toptai has accumulated 16 years of production and export experience, which has enabled us to offer wholesale cost savings, worry-free warranty sales support, and convenient DDP service for major markets. Additionally, we provide DDP services to wholesalers in 39 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, and Australia. Moreover, for countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile, South Africa, Nigeria, and others, we offer DAP services. As of 2022, our products have been successfully exported to 97 countries and regions.