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At Toptai, we are more than just a wireless charger manufacturer and factory; we are a pioneer in charging technology innovation. We create and design state-of-the-art wireless chargers that redefine the way you charge more of your phones, watches, headphones, and more.

With an unwavering dedication to quality and performance, we are your trusted partner for all your charging needs.

3 in 1 Folding Wireless Charging Pad3 in 1 Folding Wireless Charging Pad

The Power of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has redefined how we interact with our devices. It’s all about simplicity and ease. Imagine placing your device on a sleek charging pad and watching it come to life without plugging in a single cable.

Design Meets Aesthetics

Functionality meets aesthetics in our wireless charger designs. We understand that your devices are an integral part of your lifestyle, which is why our chargers boast sleek finishes, various sizes, and contemporary designs that seamlessly blend with your surroundings.

Exploring Qi, Wireless, and MagSafe Technologies

Qi Wireless Charging Pad - Black

Qi wireless charging stands as the worldwide benchmark for wireless charging technology. Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and cables while still keeping your devices powered.

MagSafe chargers and Wireless Chargers have revolutionized how we power our devices. Bid farewell to tangled cords and limited charging ports. With wireless charging technology, you can effortlessly recharge your battery without the need for physical connections.

Transparent Magnet Wireless Charger Pad

Wireless chargers offer the convenience of charging multiple devices simultaneously, while MagSafe Chargers take it a step further with magnetic alignment, faster charging speeds, and compatibility with various accessories.


No, many modern devices are compatible with wireless charging. Check our product descriptions for compatibility information.

In most cases, yes! Our wireless chargers are designed to work through standard phone cases.

Our wireless chargers support fast charging, delivering efficient power to your devices.

Toptai’s Commitment

As the best wireless charger factory & manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, we offer a range of services to meet your unique needs:

Wireless Charger Supplier

MagSafe wireless charger manufacturer and supplier, we pride ourselves on maintaining a readily available stock of wireless chargers to meet market demands.

By effectively managing our inventory and production processes, we minimize the risks of stamping and stockouts, providing our customers with reliable and timely shipments.

Businesses can confidently rely on our commitment to accessibility and availability, ensuring a seamless sourcing experience and the continuous supply of high-quality wireless chargers.

Fast Delivery Services

Wholesale Distribution for Growth

Wholesale distribution is an important part of our wireless charger factory business model. After the manufacturing process, we cooperate with wholesale distributors to open up a broader market.

Buy our wireless chargers in bulk at discounted prices and distribute them to retailers, online marketplaces, and other outlets.

Gain access to a wider customer base, including businesses and individuals looking to resell or distribute wireless chargers.

This distribution model helps us simplify the sales process and focus on production while leaving marketing and distribution tasks to wholesalers.

Customized Solutions For Your Brand

In addition to our standard product range, we also offer customized solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Whether it’s putting a company logo on a wireless charger, creating a unique design, or integrating additional features, our team works closely with customers to develop custom charging solutions.

Custom solutions enable businesses to create a unique brand image and provide their customers with personalized charging solutions. And provide users with personalized charging solutions.

Customized Solutions

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Sustainability and Ethics:

Beautifully crafted leather products.

At Toptai, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and ethical sourcing. Our chargers are designed with the environment in mind, from efficient power usage to recyclable packaging.

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